I’ve been lame…

Dale, Lazy, Trendsetter

First of all, I would like to say that it’s not my fault that this post is late. Well, it’s not entirely my fault. A couple of days ago I wrote this awesome post and I saved it, but, it didn’t save my changes. So, I pouted a while and then the power went out. When the power came back the next day I wasn’t feeling that well. I spent almost all of Sunday cleaning after church and I was super busy today. Anyway…

I have been so busy and lazy and lame. I will make it all better by showing you amazing yarn that Dale of Norway and Trendsetter sent me. First the swatching yarn from Dale.

I’m going to start with the chunkiest: Hubro. 100% wool. With size 13 needles it knits up in a flash. Like super-hero fast. Svale: 50% cotton, 40% viscose and 10% silk. I love the elegance in the shimmer and the drape. Baby ULL: 100% wool. Wonderful sock yarn.

The Trendsetter yarn:

Aura: 100% nylon. Super squishy and shimmery. Looks a lot like tinsel. Love it.

Cashwool: 100% wool. Very fine lace-weight yarn. I am so excited to use this yarn to make a shawl with it!

Here’s another attempt to capture the color of this fabulous yarn. Well, you can always go on their website…

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