Headaches, secrets and a rabbit named Dove

headaches, not posting, rabbit

Hmm, why haven’t I posted lately? Probably because of my three-week-long-migraine. Because of my headaches I’ve missed work, got behind in school and I now have a lot of housework to do. Now you are probably thinking that not a good reason why I haven’t been posting, that I’m just trying to come up with an excuse. But, I’m not. I really have had headaches so bad that I couldn’t even look at a computer monitor. Anyway, enough complaining.

Did you notice something on the side? It’s Dove, my virtual pet! Dove is actually named after one of my rabbits in real life. The real Dove’s full name is Dove Dark Chocolate. She’s a black Holland lop who loves to be petted and played with. Maybe I’ll adopt some more of my animals as virtual ones…

I have a lot of knitting going on, but none that I can show you. I can tell you though that my purple sweater is going to be amazing! I won’t tease you guys anymore by telling you about all the stuff you can’t see.

I’m still fairly new to blogging so if you have any comments or suggestions please let me know. Oh, one last thing…if you like my blog why don’t you pass it on? You know, tell your friends about it? Thanks in advance.

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