The Brain Eater


No, I’m not talking about TV.

I hate migraines. I hate cameras that don’t work. I hate guitar straps that break. Sigh….and now things I love: yarn, yarn, corn, peaches, camels, apples and leaves!?! So yeah, I haven’t been up to much except for playing guitar, writing songs, spinning a little, knitting a little, sewing jean purses, working and…getting migraines. Now guess which one is taking up all of my creative energy? You got it, “The Brain Eater”. Well, maybe it doesn’t eat my brain, but it feels like it. I have learned something very important:
When I have a migraine I am not allowed to

a. blog
b. handle anything coming in or out of the oven.
c. talk(if it’s really bad I’ll say stupid stuff)
d. knits socks or lace.

If I try the last two I’ll think it’s fine until I look at it when I don’t have a headache and go “AHHHH! What was I thinking!?! The question I should ask myself is “Was I even thinking?” Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t but she definitely was. I just love tams and fair isle.


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