Fiber and Birthdays


Are there some birthdays around the corner? Have a friend that’s interested in spinning? Well here are some great picks from

Pandora, party, icy road, kimono, confetti, sunrise, ribbon, red dirt, sampler, freehand

Fiber of the month subscriptions:

Little Joe, purple,

Want to really make the special person’s year? Buy them a drum carder:

Want some advice? Don’t buy a bag of old dirty wool. Insteed buy something that colorful, maybe even exotic. Who doesn’t want to try spinning camel down or silk? Be creative and thoughtful. They will be very happy with you and one more thing, don’t ask for something in return. It’s a gift so, they don’t have to give you the yarn or the finished product. 🙂
Most spinners/knitters are generous but, they don’t like to be forced to be generous. That being said happy shopping.

P.S. My birthday is coming up soon…..

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