Birthday wishes


This is going to be a non-photo post due to the fact we are having trouble with our card reader. Once it starts working again I’ll post pictures of my alpaca mittens and the yellow cake with chocolate frosting that I baked the other day.

There are only 106 people in front of me in line for Ravelry! YAY! Super, super exciting. Want to join the waiting list? Ravelry is basicly the knitter/spinner/crocheter verison of myspace. Or so I’m told. Anyways, it sounds pretty cool and I can’t want for my invitation.

Have you heard Matsiko? Matsiko is a children’s choir from Uganda. All but one of the children have lost at least one parent. In spite of this these children have so much hope which makes sense that they named the choir the Ugandan word for hope. They are touring the country singing and dancing thear ways in to peoples hearts.

Here are a few picks from

Stitch markers:

Hello Kitty,


Beads are always good. So are nice silk ribbons. But, no more jeans! I have enough pairs of jeans to make at least 40 jean purses! So I’m done with that.

Gift cards:



guitar center


knit picks( I think they have gift cards)

Random stuff:




T-shirt transfer paper

check out my profile for the kinds of music I like. Not sure what to get? Just ask me and I’ll let you know if I already have that CD. Gift cards are good too. 🙂

Feel like you know me a little better? I hope so. 🙂

My greatest birthday wish is that someone will sponsor a child after reading my blog.

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