Yarn Trees!


Who says yarn can’t grow on trees?

Can you imagine how much these trees would sell for? Imagine all these knitters scrambling to the nursery to buy a yarn tree! Hehehehe!

I actually got this yarn from Dale of Norway for my knitting book. They sent me a lot of yarn but, it wouldn’t all fit on the tree. 😉

Comments are welcome by the way, I just preview them before they go on the site.

Knitters can dream of yarn filled trees can’t they? Everyone needs to have dreams, especially big ones. Speaking of dreaming, Fireflight is coming out with their album unbreakable. Read this about the new cd.

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2 thoughts on “Yarn Trees!

  1. Purl,
    First: I love your name. lol. Yet another thing I can call you!! This blog is awesome, you need to email me the web address so I can mark it in my favorites. I WANT A YARN TREE!
    I am so sorry about George, sweetie, I know how it feels. My dog died of a tumor when I was about ten or something…
    So I submitted an entry into this Switchfoot fan project, and the band will be recieving a book of art inspired by them, including a collage I did. 😀
    “Lets be emo together!”

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