A job, spinning, my book and Ravelry!

my book, yarn shop

(I thought I published this a while ago….)

I got a new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At a yarn shop!

At this yarn shop!

As you can probably tell, I’ve been enjoying my job which is a few blocks away from Kent Station.

As for spinning, I’ve been spinning a 80/20 alpaca/merino blend that I got at Weaving Works in Seattle.

I loved their fiber/spinning section, not so much their yarn section.

It’s a beautiful heathered grey and it’s spinning up lovely!

Also, Amy gave me some of her dog’s Emerson’s hair to spin up!

I haven’t washed it yet so it smells a little stinky, but it’s so soft and white!

Knitting, it’s mostly been knitting for my book and so, I can give a vague description…

a pretty lilac cardigan, a maroon lace shawl and some fair-isle handwarmers.

I’m thinking of self-publishing my book once it’s finished as it’s very complicated to do a book the traditional way.

I’m not planning on my book being traditional anyways, you can expect some recipes and other fun things scattered through out.

Come join me on ravelry!

It’s a super fun knitting social-networking site where you can show pictures of your finished(or works in progress) projects, yarn stash, chat with other knitters and much more!

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