I’m married and chocolate cake balls!

baking, not posting

I haven’t been blogging in so long that I almost forgot how to do it.

A lot has changed since I was actively blogging, whenever that was.

a) I married my best friend Gil.

Well that’s pretty much the most important thing that has happened since I got saved.

Yes I am enjoying being a housewife and a wife to Gil in general.

Every night is a sleepover with my best friend!

I also love cooking for my husband!

He loves my cooking!

It works out well.


Homemade cream cheese frosting

Creamed half a package of cream cheese,

half a stick of butter,

1 tsp. of vanilla

and enough powered sugar to make it thick.

It’s also yummy when eaten with a spoon, but shhh, don’t tell Gil!


Chocolate cake crumbled and mixed with the frosting.

It’s a relief to be done with planning the wedding and with the embarrassing(and sometimes funny)

advice from random people who think they know you but they were friends of a friend who really didn’t

have anything else to do but make a bride-to-be blush.

I personally think that they should make cake instead!


I decided to make some cake balls after falling in love with the Bakerella website.

If you haven’t already, go take a look.

She has beautiful photos of scrumptous looking treats, I doubt you will come away disappointed.

Unless you are hungry.


Melted chocolate left over from our wedding’s chocolate fountain.

I had to reheat it several times to keep the chocolate smooth and workable while I dipped the cake balls in chocolate.

Dipping the cake balls in chocolate was my favorite part! 🙂


Lots and lots of finished cake balls!

I kept them in the freezer since I didn’t have room in the fridge.


These were incredible with whipped cream, almonds and caramel sauce.

I’m thinking that I will make some pizza with fresh herbs for dinner.

My mom lovingly potted up 3 pots full of herbs for me so I have a lot to choose from ❤

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