Ivy Tangle Hat and Cowl Patterns Published!


My hubby and I recently moved into our house and I’m setting up my craft room.

An entire room to devote to sewing, knitting, spinning, etc!

I am just thrilled with our house!

My favorite things about it: there’s lots of natural lighting,

a backyard that my mom is helping turn into a garden,

a gas fireplace, a ginormous bathtub and

a big kitchen with an island.


Quite different than our 1 bedroom apartment!

Besides moving into our house the next exciting thing is…


I got published in KnitCircus!

This is my first time ever getting patterns in a magazine 🙂


I made a lacy coordinating hat and cowl in a luscious sock yarn.

Both pieces work up quickly and are great for gifts!

The first two photos are (c) KnitCircus Magazine.

The following photos are from the playground photoshoot I did with Sarah.

You can tell she is enjoying her hat



Slouchy hat+lace+sock yarn= A fun hat to knit and to wear!


It was getting windy outside, good thing she has a nice wool hat!


This photo makes me question why Sarah isn’t a professional model.

But if she was a professional model who would I get for my photos?

You did a fabulous job, thanks again Sarah!

For more details see KnitCircus or the ravelry.com pages for the hat and the cowl.


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