Gardening and Seeds!


I’ve taken up a bit of gardening!

I have 2 3′ x 6′ x 1′ garden boxes that my mom helped me score from Craigslist.

The garden soil was so heavy to move! It’s hard to believe that so much soil can fit in such a little box.

I still need to mix in perlite to help lighten the soil since it’s so heavy.

Correction: Gil will mix it in 😉




I have a worm bin to eat up our food scraps and to provide fertilizer with no chemicals.


I got a Rubbermaid tote and drilled a gazillion holes on the bottom and along the top edge to allow the worms to breathe and for excess liquid to drain out the bottom so the worms don’t drown.

Did you know it’s very easy to have your own little vermicompost factory with no bad smell?

Plus it’s fun to feed the little wormies 🙂




My little kitchen garden.

Rhubarb, 2 types of peas, chives and I’m going to plant some herbs too.

I won’t even have to step off the porch to snip some chives to sprinkle on dinner!




June bearing and ever bearing strawberries mingled with the garden bed that has beautiful daffodils.

There’s about 40 strawberry plants altogether so that should be plenty for the two of us.

Or just me, I can eat my weight in berries 😉




I should have yellow, green, red, orange and purple bell peppers!

I had no idea that peppers came in the color purple, I can’t wait to see them.

I wonder if it will be purple on the inside, maybe pink or green?

If I cook it will it turn blue?




My little lettuce starts and bush peas trying to grow.

It’s so easy to do with the peat pellets and a empty lettuce container.




I had a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday!

My organic Seeds of Change that I got from this deal.

It was like Christmas 🙂




4 thoughts on “Gardening and Seeds!

  1. I am so inspired! I just dug out my garden stuff. I’m way behind this year, but it’s never to late to plant something around here. Thanks for all the great tips and beautiful photos! Will have a worm bin for sure this year =]

  2. Aww thanks Allison! I’m having fun with it and when I run into trouble I can ask my expert mom 🙂 The worm bin is so easy, especially when you sharpie dots where you want the holes. That way you don’t have to think about it when drilling!

  3. Dad was right when he told me I’d like what you’d written in your blog about gardening. It’s exciting to watch how much you’re enjoying your own “bit of earth’.

    Your words and pictures are so inviting… hint, hint….I can’t wait for a warm day to sit on your patio drinking tea from your herbs, nibble on a freshly picked strawberry, and chat about life like we used to do when you were a little girl in our home. Loving being your mom & your friend!

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