Tarts & Primroses


My favorite form of eye candy: desserts!

My cousin Natalya and I made these from this recipe at allrecipes.com for a clothing swap party.

Have you ever been to a clothing swap?

It was my first and it was so much fun!

Light, buttery with a bit of a tang, these were melt in your mouth fantastic.

This was super easy to do with my Pampered Chef mini-muffin pan and the mini-tart shaper.

After the tart shells were a light golden brown we cooled them on a cookie rack and filled them with a delicious raspberry/blueberry jam that Lexi and I canned last summer.


I love primroses!

I baby this planter with leftover teabags about every other week, it really perks them up 🙂

This shot is 1 of 3 little guys that my mom potted up for me.

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