12 in 12: I’m late

12 in 12 challenge, Sewing

Here’s my “January”. A lightweight floral poly/nylon shell with a wide banded bottom, banded neck and banded armhole opening completely made on my Grandma’s Ruth gorgeous BabyLock serger (Thanks again for letting me borrow it!).

{Me trying to look cute while taking my own photo}

I drafted this shell loosely following a Simplicity cardigan back, cut a 6″ band for the bottom, 5″ band for the neck and 2.5″ bands for the armholes against the grain. I thought it was a 2-way stretch(ha!) but it worked out since it added more stability. This will be great in the summer with it’s loose fit and bright, lightweight fabric.


{My attempt to show the whole tank without looking like I have belly full of lunch, fail}

I only paid $2 for this top. Yay for clearance bin at JoAnn’s! I was there buying fabric for a friend’s baby shower which I will do a post on soon.

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