A picture is worth…how much?


My SD card reader is broken. Why is this significant? Because I have to load my pictures to the SD reader and then to my computer. Translation: no pictures for a while. Without pictures, telling you about my finished project would be boring. So, why don’t you go to Knit Picks and look at cool stuff? Like their DPN WIP Tubes, wool sock yarn, wool nylon sock yarn, lace weight or blocking pins.

(Not)Boring Socks

boring, food dye, kool-aid, socks

Last night I had a craving to dye some roving for socks. Nice mellow dark green with some blue/purple lightly tossed in. But, when I got out my usual kool-aid I thought about some food dye I have and I tossed out my previous ideas of fairly boring socks out the window.

So, here is two shots of the roving before I microwaved it. I will post pictures of the finished roving as soon as it dries and then you can see all of it’s amazingness. 🙂