Creamed Spinach Chicken with Cream Cheese Biscuits

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Yesterday I made cream cheese biscuits with creamed spinach chicken for dinner.

I followed a classic biscuit recipe subbing cream cheese for the butter.

Why? Honestly I didn’t want to wait to soften the butter!

I mixed in 1 cup of cheddar/Colby jack cheese and

sprinkled some parsley and garlic powder before stirring everything together.


Here they are scooped on the cookie tray and parchment paper.

After I plopped them on I shaped them a bit to be more rounded instead of the scary little buggers that come out when I usually make drop biscuits.

They smelled amazing as they baked!

How can you go wrong with cream creese, cheddar and Colby jack cheese?


I made gravy, mixed in dried onions, leftover rotisserie chicken,

frozen spinach and then stirred in cream cheese.



I cooked peas, broke the biscuits up into chunks and poured the creamed spinach chicken over everything.

It was so simple and yet it tasted pretty good!


Tonight Gil and I went out to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

Gil had the pho and I have the summer roll type dish with grilled pork and shrimp,

rice noodles, lettuce, sweet pickled carrots and radishes,

bean sprouts, Thai basil, cilantro and rice paper.

It was so amazing!

Now I can’t wait to make this at home 🙂


New Pets

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I would go on and on about how cute and wonderful my new pets are, but I got the flu and this post needs to be updated. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow or something.
Here’s the baby chicks!

This is Maxwell Smart. He is named after the main character in the old “Get Smart” TV show.

And this is the adorable Teddy!
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