AGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *ahem*

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Agghhhhh! Sorry about the photos…I thought the problem was just with my computer! To see the real pictures go here. To answer the question that’s on everybody lips…no, I did not use fruit to dye my yarn. I wonder what would happen if I did dye yarn with fruit and vinegar. Would the sugar react? Would the yarn take the dye in the fruit? Would the finished yarn be so delicious that I had to eat it!?! Jk. I made you think about it though, didn’t I? The challenge is on, find a fruit to dye yarn. Post the results. Go.

(Not)Boring Socks

boring, food dye, kool-aid, socks

Last night I had a craving to dye some roving for socks. Nice mellow dark green with some blue/purple lightly tossed in. But, when I got out my usual kool-aid I thought about some food dye I have and I tossed out my previous ideas of fairly boring socks out the window.

So, here is two shots of the roving before I microwaved it. I will post pictures of the finished roving as soon as it dries and then you can see all of it’s amazingness. 🙂