Fuurin-Oka Futon & Breakfast

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The husband and I decided to visit Fuurin-Oka this summer and had a wonderful time. I wish we booked more than 1 night, we won’t make that same mistake next time we come! This post is very picture heavy.

There were many sliding wooden doors throughout the whole unit. So different and fun!

Tea drinking sitting area. We loved having tea while playing a card game.

The husband being a Samurai with an invisible sword

  The husband sitting on the floor mats.

The husband being thoughtful in the front room. There’s a beautiful garden outside.

The kitchen with such cute dishes! There was a microwave, a mini fridge, a hot water maker for tea, and quite the assortment of teas.

More cute dishes!

The special bath tub. The wooden walls smelled so good when we drew the bath. There are candles to light around the edge.

There are such beautiful touches and surprises everywhere! Like this paper crane mobile.

Our wonderful host helped us out by taking a picture of us before went on our sushi date.

We are so happy to be together!

Two of our sushi rolls from SuBi. It was really good, I can’t wait until next time we are on the island so we can eat there again!

One of our breakfast trays. It was a lot of food! 2 different vegetarian sushi rolls(the eggs in the omelette came from the hosts chickens!), 2 types of rice balls, miso soup, and grape juice. Hubby also made green tea to go with our breakfast.

Close up of the cucumber & beet rice balls. So refreshing 🙂

BBQ pork rice balls. These were great!

Miso soup with wakamae & tofu. A nice contrast to the sushi.

I’ll leave you with a picture of one of the vases of flowers that were in the house. No doubt picked from the gardens.

If you’d like to book a night please visit their website. It is hard to get in since it’s such an amazing place to stay!

Note: I was not paid or compensated in anyway for this blog post, I just loved the Furrin-Oka!