Try, try, try again

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If you first don’t succeed, try, try again or something like that. Here is another attempt at showing you the amazing Romney and mohair I bought from The Pines Farm. The owners are very nice and helpful people. When my mother and I were at the fair and we couldn’t make a decision about what to buy, Lin Schwider came up to us and helped us pick out the perfect combinations.

Starting on the left: two bags of blue/purple Romney roving weighing about 23 ounces total, 6 ounces of blue/pink/fuchsia/purple mohair and yarn spun from the fiber. I will go into detail in a moment.

The yarn on the top is spun with Romney, while plying the two strands mohair was added. The yarn on the bottom was hand-carded 50/50 Romney and mohair. It was then plied with mohair.

This is 15 ounces of un-carded locks of Romney in shades of: blues, aquas, pinks, purples and greens.

Finally, here’s some blue/purple mohair!
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More yarn, new yarn and tangled yarn.

hand spun, handspun, pomeranian, Yarn
As I have been very busy and I’ve also had a little bit of trouble with posting there has been no new postings lately. So, it’s not that I haven’t been knitting or spinning.
Yarn from the Brown Sheep Company! 16 beautiful skeins of yarn! I may have to do close ups later…

This is a lame picture of my amazing(not that I’m bragging) handspun yarn. I started with a raw(unwashed) romney fleece that I washed, dyed with kool-aid, carded and spun. I was aiming for a sock-weight yarn, so much for that, I think this is a heavy-worsted yarn.

I decided to start a cardigan last weekend and I love to make my own patterns and I love cables. I’m knitting the front pieces and the back pieces to avoid excess seaming which I hate.

My pom(pomeranian) loves yarn to. All forms of yarn. Cotton, wool, mohair, acrylic, he loves them all. So, I forget to put away my sweater-in-progress and he had at it. 😦