Alpaca Mitts

handspun, Yarn

We got a new SD card reader! Now I can load pictures on the blog and music on my phone( I use my phone as an MP3 player.)

Remember this yarn? I made them into super soft and warm hand mitts/hand warmers. I used Easter egg dye to color the cuff, kool-aid/Easter egg dye for the pattern and undyed yarn for the background.

This is my crazy socks roving spun up into singles.
This beauty is the crazy socks singles plied. I think it’s somewhere between 11-13 WPI. I just love handspun yarn , what about you?

More yarn, new yarn and tangled yarn.

hand spun, handspun, pomeranian, Yarn
As I have been very busy and I’ve also had a little bit of trouble with posting there has been no new postings lately. So, it’s not that I haven’t been knitting or spinning.
Yarn from the Brown Sheep Company! 16 beautiful skeins of yarn! I may have to do close ups later…

This is a lame picture of my amazing(not that I’m bragging) handspun yarn. I started with a raw(unwashed) romney fleece that I washed, dyed with kool-aid, carded and spun. I was aiming for a sock-weight yarn, so much for that, I think this is a heavy-worsted yarn.

I decided to start a cardigan last weekend and I love to make my own patterns and I love cables. I’m knitting the front pieces and the back pieces to avoid excess seaming which I hate.

My pom(pomeranian) loves yarn to. All forms of yarn. Cotton, wool, mohair, acrylic, he loves them all. So, I forget to put away my sweater-in-progress and he had at it. 😦