I’m married and chocolate cake balls!

baking, not posting

I haven’t been blogging in so long that I almost forgot how to do it.

A lot has changed since I was actively blogging, whenever that was.

a) I married my best friend Gil.

Well that’s pretty much the most important thing that has happened since I got saved.

Yes I am enjoying being a housewife and a wife to Gil in general.

Every night is a sleepover with my best friend!

I also love cooking for my husband!

He loves my cooking!

It works out well.


Homemade cream cheese frosting

Creamed half a package of cream cheese,

half a stick of butter,

1 tsp. of vanilla

and enough powered sugar to make it thick.

It’s also yummy when eaten with a spoon, but shhh, don’t tell Gil!


Chocolate cake crumbled and mixed with the frosting.

It’s a relief to be done with planning the wedding and with the embarrassing(and sometimes funny)

advice from random people who think they know you but they were friends of a friend who really didn’t

have anything else to do but make a bride-to-be blush.

I personally think that they should make cake instead!


I decided to make some cake balls after falling in love with the Bakerella website.

If you haven’t already, go take a look.

She has beautiful photos of scrumptous looking treats, I doubt you will come away disappointed.

Unless you are hungry.


Melted chocolate left over from our wedding’s chocolate fountain.

I had to reheat it several times to keep the chocolate smooth and workable while I dipped the cake balls in chocolate.

Dipping the cake balls in chocolate was my favorite part! 🙂


Lots and lots of finished cake balls!

I kept them in the freezer since I didn’t have room in the fridge.


These were incredible with whipped cream, almonds and caramel sauce.

I’m thinking that I will make some pizza with fresh herbs for dinner.

My mom lovingly potted up 3 pots full of herbs for me so I have a lot to choose from ❤

Music Player

not posting, random, Ravelry

I haven’t been knitting that much so, I haven’t been posting. Duh.

In the last month or so we have aquired a few more pets. 8 baby chicks, 2 doves(w/ 1 baby) and 1 puppy. I guess I’d better take some photos and post it soon.

If you look to the left, I have a music player with a few favorites. When I say few I mean few. If you ask me what my favorite bands are we can have an hour long conversation. No joke.

Still have the stupid headaches, but I can still knit a little even with a headache. I can’t do lace or decreasing, just ribbing and stockinette.

Have you signed up for Ravelry yet? I love it!


"knit" phone cozy II

Dyeing, not posting

Here are the completed photos of my “knit” cell phone cozy. I used scarp white cotton for the main color and variegated cotton for the coordinating color. Underneath my cell phone cozy is the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook which I absolutely love! Even if you don’t knit socks or spin yarn you’ll love the section on dying yarn or perhaps you would like to see the gallery of finished socks?

The front of my cell phone “knit” cozy:

And the back. I had to fight with my camera to take a photo this “good”. Notice sarcasm.

Certain people are going to laugh at this but, I going to post at least once a week. Well if I don’t get too busy…..

Headaches, secrets and a rabbit named Dove

headaches, not posting, rabbit

Hmm, why haven’t I posted lately? Probably because of my three-week-long-migraine. Because of my headaches I’ve missed work, got behind in school and I now have a lot of housework to do. Now you are probably thinking that not a good reason why I haven’t been posting, that I’m just trying to come up with an excuse. But, I’m not. I really have had headaches so bad that I couldn’t even look at a computer monitor. Anyway, enough complaining.

Did you notice something on the side? It’s Dove, my virtual pet! Dove is actually named after one of my rabbits in real life. The real Dove’s full name is Dove Dark Chocolate. She’s a black Holland lop who loves to be petted and played with. Maybe I’ll adopt some more of my animals as virtual ones…

I have a lot of knitting going on, but none that I can show you. I can tell you though that my purple sweater is going to be amazing! I won’t tease you guys anymore by telling you about all the stuff you can’t see.

I’m still fairly new to blogging so if you have any comments or suggestions please let me know. Oh, one last thing…if you like my blog why don’t you pass it on? You know, tell your friends about it? Thanks in advance.