Twist Headband

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Twist Headband

Hello lovelies! I have a wonderfully simple summer pattern for you all!

Twist Headband by Jessica Bolof

After knitting and attaching ribbons simply:

::Center at back of Neck::

::Cross in front::
::Cross again::

Finished Measurements:
Length: 44” / 110cm
Width: 2” / 5cm

For more pattern info click on over to the page. Pattern is available for free for my Rav group members and newsletter members.

USD $5.00

Slightly Purling Shawl

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Slightly Purling Shawl

I love my Birthday shawl! This clever triangular shawl uses knitting on the WS to create the purl ridges. Therefore you only need to purl to maintain the stockinette sections! The stitch pattern is great for showing off hand dyed yarn, and the shape is flattering!

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Wear as a shawl or wrap around your neck as a generous scarf. For more info see the pattern page here.

Finished Measurements
Wingspan: 52” / 132cm
Depth: 16.5” / 42cm

All photos (c) 2013 Matthew Richey

Pattern was tech edited by KTLV


I’m having a sale! 22% off individual patterns to celebrate my 22nd pattern on my 22nd Birthday until April 1st! Use code 22BDAY for discount. 


Update: Slightly Purling is on the Hot Right Now page! As long as it’s within #1-22 it will be on sale!

Wander Collection

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It all started with a ball of yarn. It sparkled and glimmered at me until I would stroke it’s soft alpaca halo. I was hooked after that! Schulana’s Luxair (distributed by Skacel) is currently my all time favorite yarn. I dream of knitting a throw with huge 8 stitch cables all over it. It will be warm, soft, and I’ll never leave the house again if I make it!

Anyway, about the collection. There is four quick knit hats; Adventure, Venture, Embark, and Journey. All of the hats are reversible sans Venture. Adventure, Embark, and Journey finished measurements are: Brims are 17.5” / 45.5cm but it will stretch to fit 23” / 58.5cm, Depths are 8” / 20.5cm. While Venture is a super slouchy with a Depth of 10” / 25.5cm.


The eBook is available via Ravelry for only $15 USD 


For more info about the collection please visit the Ravelry page for Wander Collection.

Colorful Skies

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 All photos (c) 2013 Matthew Richey

Introducing Colorful Skies Shawl!

This shawl is easy to knit and even easier to wear! This wide, shallow shawl is flattering with it’s broad back and wrap around style that clings together so the shawl will stay put on your shoulders.

This shawl looks great on petite, average, and tall ladies.

The ravelry page can be found here.

Finished Measurements
Wingspan: 50”/127 cm
Depth: 11”/28 cm

Yarn Needed

400 yards (366 m) of fingering weight. I used Bolinas Sock by Tactile in color Denim. If you get a chance you should check out Maia’s yarns, they are gorgeous! Thank you again Maia for the yarn support, it was so nice meeting you!

$5.00 USD 


Dyeing, shop update, Yarn

I haven’t had much to blog about, until now…presenting, Colorfulpurls first shop update! That’s right, I’m on Etsy! Right now I have just two skeins to test out Etsy. Below are pictures of the skeins along with part of the description that I gave on Etsy.

Yummy lemon yellows, juicy oranges and tart grapefruit are delicious to eat, but even better on yarn!

A close up.

Salty blue water, green seaweed, pink sea stars, purple starfish and seashells are the inspiration behind the colors of this yarn. Everything I love about the beach without sunburns! 😉
A close up.

Alpaca Mitts

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We got a new SD card reader! Now I can load pictures on the blog and music on my phone( I use my phone as an MP3 player.)

Remember this yarn? I made them into super soft and warm hand mitts/hand warmers. I used Easter egg dye to color the cuff, kool-aid/Easter egg dye for the pattern and undyed yarn for the background.

This is my crazy socks roving spun up into singles.
This beauty is the crazy socks singles plied. I think it’s somewhere between 11-13 WPI. I just love handspun yarn , what about you?

More yarn, new yarn and tangled yarn.

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As I have been very busy and I’ve also had a little bit of trouble with posting there has been no new postings lately. So, it’s not that I haven’t been knitting or spinning.
Yarn from the Brown Sheep Company! 16 beautiful skeins of yarn! I may have to do close ups later…

This is a lame picture of my amazing(not that I’m bragging) handspun yarn. I started with a raw(unwashed) romney fleece that I washed, dyed with kool-aid, carded and spun. I was aiming for a sock-weight yarn, so much for that, I think this is a heavy-worsted yarn.

I decided to start a cardigan last weekend and I love to make my own patterns and I love cables. I’m knitting the front pieces and the back pieces to avoid excess seaming which I hate.

My pom(pomeranian) loves yarn to. All forms of yarn. Cotton, wool, mohair, acrylic, he loves them all. So, I forget to put away my sweater-in-progress and he had at it. 😦