Summer's Twilight Shawl by Jessica Bolof

Summer’s Twilight Shawl

Summer's Twilight Shawl
A great first lace shawl, the lace pattern is easy to memorize and all that is required is knit, purl, yarn over, k2tog and ssk. This top-down airy shawl is the perfect quick to make wrap to wear to Prom (which is what I made it for), an evening out or anytime a little elegance is needed. Make it in a sock yarn and you could wear it with jeans and a t-shirt! Tie the ends behind your back and you have a shrug -like garment. The gauze like mohair stripes cascade over your back like a waterfall, flowing smoothly into the frothy gently ruffled edge.
Want it bigger?
Just add more yarn and keep on going in the body pattern before adding the ruffle.

Only $5.00 USD

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