Thai Chicken Noodle and Kitchen Essentials

Asian, Cooking

I love Thai food. Pad Thai, Phat Si Lo, yellow curry, and green curry are a few that come to mind. I also am partial to Saigon style Pho.

Imagine my joy with a soup combine elements of both into a slurpable bowl of delight. Grilled chicken, carrots, celery, thin rice noodles and cilantro swimming in a flavorful bath of caramelized onion, chicken broth, curry paste, coconut milk and lime juice. Drooling yet? This soup cost me less than $5 (prorated and buying at a local Asian grocery store).

Here is my list of essential ingredients for Asian cooking (first 3 you will need for the soup):

Coconut milk- use regular coconut milk, lite coconut milk is watery and not as creamy. I use Mae Ploy, Chaokah and Aroy-D.

Curry paste- I use Mae Ploy’s yellow & green curry paste in the large containers.

Fish sauce- it’s dark and smells weird but adds wonderful depth of flavor to dishes when applied gingerly

Shiracha hot sauce- thin, vinegary and spicy. Condiment.

Garlic chili hot sauce- paste like texture, you taste the garlic and sugar than the heat.

Roasted chilies in oil- toasted, aromatic taste that is hard to describe with lots of spicy chilies. Condiment.

Toasted sesame oil- finishing oil, does not hold up well with heat, use in small amounts.

Hoisin sauce- a thick, rich, sweet sauce that has many uses.

Soy sauce- a classic, I use Kikkoman Light.

Rice vinegar- unseasoned, for sushi rice, salad dressing, sauces and marinates.