Shawnie Bonnet

Shawnie Bonnet by Jessica Bolof

Photo: (c) 2013 Matthew Richey

New design dance party time! Here’s the long awaited Shawnie Bonnet modeled by no one other than Shawnie 🙂

Shawnie Bonnet by Jessica Bolof

Photo: (c) 2013 Matthew Richey

It’s a ear-flap hat! It’s a slouchy hat! It’s a bonnet! Yes, you heard me right, I’m calling this styling hat a bonnet. Be a rebel and take back this comfy style of head gear of the grannies from history, rock it with some leather and sass! This bonnet is also great for mild mannered ladies who want to avoid squishing their carefully placed curls.

Finished Measurements Brim: 22.25” / 56.5cm Depth: 8” / 20cm
Yarn Needed: 80yards / 73m of MC & 90yards / 82m of CC worsted weight yarn

Available through for only $5.00 USD  

FO: Noro headband

Project made from pattern, Uncategorized

I finished the Noro headband the day after I started, then I had to take photos and then I kinda forgot about posting it!

Well, I remembered that I forgot so, it’s all good. 😉

The photo below shows the colors very welll, unfortunately I’m not smiling.

I think I’m one of those people that unless it’s in a fashion magazine, the person should be smiling.

I mean, who wouldn’t be happy to have a handknitted Noro headband on their head?

Who wouldn’t want a zillion photos taken of you and only two or three turned out worthy enough not to delete because the colors were off?

I will blame the camera, we used the point and shoot, it probably went bonkers with all the fabulous colors of Noro.

I believe the camera’s train of thought went something like this:

“What!?! Colors!?! You expect me to take a multi colored photo? Wait, Noro? How can I get the real colors of Noro!?! Heehee, I know what I’ll do, I won’t let a smiling photo get though, I get the colors right but she won’t be smiling! HehehahahaHAHAHAAAHAAAAAAAA!”

Or maybe I had the wrong lighting, but let’s blame the camera! 😉

Noro Headband Neckwarmer head shotNoro Headband Neckwarmer neck shot

Pattern: Easy Neckwarmer Headband

Yarn: 1 skein of Noro Kureyon in #170 Blue/purple

It was a very fun and quick knit!

I carry one of these neckwarmers in my purse all the time if I’m not already wearing it!

When you wear a neckwarmer you retain more heat then the average scarf(since it’s covering more of your neck) and since you are not losing heat through your neck, your whole body will be warmer.

If you are jogging and you still want to wear your ponytail, just slip the neckwarmer on your head as a headband.