Summer Shrimp Rolls and Iced “bubble” Tea


I had a great lunch today in the sunshine. I made Shrimp Summer Rolls with a few modifications: no mint, a few leaves of sweet basil and only a few tablespoons of cilantro. A little tricky but fun to make! My first one turned out well but then I got cocky and put too much filling in the second one. It burst so I ate it like a taco 😉 They were dipped in garlic chili sauce and hoisin sauce.


Also I made a refreshing “bubble” tea to compliment my lunch. I didn’t add milk or shake it so I don’t think it’s technically bubble tea but it still tasted good. I cooked green tea tapioca according to the package, drained all but a few tablespoons of water and added a couple tablespoons of sugar. I brewed black tea twice as strong suggested, filled up my glass 1/4 of the way with ice, added the tapioca/sugar mixture(most of the ice melted), added more ice, the strong tea and some crushed spearmint leaves. All in all it was fabulous!